Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we all sat in my sister Pat Boehme's living room in Punta Gorda sipping wine and watching TV. Terry multi-tasked on her iPhone, while Pat and Mike Napolitano watched Wheel of Fortune. There was a recent controversy with this show when a  holiday-themed puzzle that featured a line from the Christmas Carol “The 12 Days of Christmas,” was solved correctly by contestant Renee as “Seven Swans A-Swimming.” She gave something of a lazy answer, however, and failed to clearly enunciate the “G” at the end of the phrase, saying “Seven Swans A-Swimmin’”. (Her clues were the letters “SE_EN S_ _NS A-S_ _MM _NG” — note the “G” was revealed on the board, so she knew it was there.) But The Powers That Be behind the wheel buzzed Renee’s answer and deemed it incorrect. The puzzling ruling has created an uproar on the Internet with many viewers claiming that it was unfair.

The news was about some ex-convict who set fire to his mothers home and then he ambushed first responder firemen, killing two of them before he shot himself.  This is why I don't watch the news if I can help it. When the sketch was done, I watched the Frank Capra classic, "It's a Wonderful Life". That film always gets me. Christmas Day Pat prepared an amazing Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. Pat and I drove over to visit her son, David Boehme who lives in a trailer park a few miles away. He has just graduated college and has started the daunting task of trying to find a job. Pat gave me a cute little "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" but unfortunately the single red ornament broke on the drive home.

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