Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lacoste France

Terry and I explored many towns in Provence, France. Lacoste was a typical small mountain town. Outdoor cafes are the heart of any town. Towns people and tourists linger outside reading the paper or getting into heated discussions. It was the golden hour before sunset and the sun caused the trees to warm up to a bright orange. The cafe staff folded down all the umbrellas as the outdoor seating slipped into the shade. I was seated next to a cafe kitchen door and I listened to the clatter of dishes and orders shouted out in French. I was delighted that it was warm and comfortable sitting outside.

With this sketch finished, we went to  the town of Roussillon where large ochre deposits are found in the clay surrounding the village. The cliffs glowed a bright warm ochre as the sun set.  Ochres are pigments ranging from yellow and orange to red. One of the former ochre quarries could be visited via the Ochre Path. Unfortunately the quarry's were closed, but all the ochre pigments used in paint come from here. Looking back at my sketches, I realized that I used yellow ochre extensively in my France sketches. There was a store that sold raw pigments but sadly it was closed as well.

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