Saturday, October 6, 2012

La Granga

La Granga is one of my favorite spots to grab dinner before going to an event to sketch. It is located across from Full Sail on 436 at the corner of Aloma Avenue. This place serves spit roasted chicken for cheap. A ¼ or ½ chicken meal comes with an inverted bowl of rice and a bowl of black beans. This time I asked for them to leave off the black beans but they gave me two bowls of rice instead. Needless to say there is always plenty of food.

I just ate at a fancy Paris restaurant that also serves spit roasted chicken. I ordered the prix Fix dinner for like 50 Euros and honestly I prefer the chicken at La Granga where a whole meal is only a few bucks. The Paris restaurant also had a hideous five foot high painting of a clown face. That hideous painting, in and of itself could ruin an appetite. Water was served in a clear wine bottle with the label removed. The inside of the bottle was tinged a rust color and the water when poured in a wine glass had a subtle yellow tint. I decided to skip drinking the water that night.

I usually eat at La Granga on evenings I plan to go to Mystery Sketch Theater and I relax to a nice long meal while listening to Spanish TV. The salty black beans and dry rice tend to leave me wanting more Mountain Dew than I get in a single can, so I ration my liquid elixir trying to make it last the whole meal.

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Unknown said...

I really enjoy the depth and detail of your drawings. You're really good at submerging your viewer into the environment.

Thor said...

Thanks so much Mary.