Friday, September 21, 2012

Trends with Friends

Wendy Wallenberg told Terry about a fashion show at Bloomingdale's and I decided to tag along. Terry was worried that we might not get in since our names weren't on the list. I was going straight from work and felt under dressed with jeans and a five o'clock shadow. The event wasn't crowded and anyone could get in. We arrived long before people got seated on either side of the runway. I decided to stand at a table facing two manikins with a sweeping view of the runway. I noticed when the models arrived with their small roll along luggage and slender figures like flight attendants. Terry scouted for food and drink while I sketched. She brought back some smoked salmon on a slice of bread. It looked delicious. I'm not sure what drinks were offered, but she went back for more.

Wendy hadn't arrived yet and Terry was getting bored. When Wendy did arrive, just before the show started, she texted me, "I'm here, don't forget to put me in the sketch". I looked up and waved to her seated next to Terry. Ten percent of all sales that night would go to MD Andersen Cancer Center of Orlando thanks to the efforts of Women Playing for TIME. Melanie Pace who was the wardrobe stylist, announced the models as they went down the runway. The runway presentation involved transforming "Daytime Wardrobe into Evening Chic". I focused on Hope each time she strutted down the runway. I mixed and matched her wardrobe each time she modeled. Fashion models seldom stand still.

I was still applying color as the fashion show wrapped up. A server offered me a peach cobbler and man was it delicious.  I finished up the sketch so I could leave with Terry. Wendy wanted to shop. None of the outfits modeled appealed to Terry.

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