Monday, July 9, 2012

Yelp Orlando's Summertime Street Soiree

Yelp teaming up with CityArts Factory and the Downtown Arts District to host a massive party, Yelp Orlando's Summertime Street Soirée. Colleen Burns, aka "Blue" invited me to come sketch. Pine Street outside the City Arts Factory was blocked off with temporary fencing. Yelp is the site that connects locals to the best this city has to offer. This event will be a great opportunity for everyone in the community to come together to celebrate and enjoy complimentary bites and adult beverages from local eateries and entertainment from The Fifth, Bento, The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, DJ A-Rock and KUSH just to name a few. Since Yelp is all about the community, they partnered with City Arts Factory, a community-minded non-profit, who collected donations to keep the Downtown Arts District thriving.

I went to the event with my wife Terry and her book club friend Donna Connors. I was glad Donna could keep Terry company while I sketched. The challenge was that it was raining all morning. When we arrived and got our arm bands, I immediately rushed to find an overhang to sit under while I sketched. I decided to sketch the red flaming bar tent.

It began to pour. No, not just the drinks, I mean there was a typhoon. Winds soaked the sketch pages. The bar tenders ended up standing in curbside puddles  up to their ankles. That didn't stop them from filling the complimentary drink orders. Most people had umbrellas or rain jackets. Others didn't care, and they enjoyed the complimentary food and drink as they got soaked to the bone. I think the rain helped people meet and mingle as they huddled under tents and overhangs. I spotted blue once in here clear rain jacket and blue dress. She was in an animated conversation and I never got to thank her for organizing the huge event. A D.J.  stood in front of NV Lounge and he performed an amazing D.J. mix using only his voice and percussive lips. Words shuffled forwards and back and his hands animated the space in front of him like a giant mixing board. He was amazing but I didn't sketch since rain continued to threaten. It was time to be social. I texted Terry, but she stood right behind me.

The three of us went into NV Lounge to sit at the bar and wait for the worst of the storm to pass. I ordered a Coke and the bartender said, "It's on the house." When the rain subsided, I ventures out to get a Woodchuck blueberry hard cider. Yum, I ordered another. There were long lines for sushi and other food stations. There was no line for Jeremiah's Homemade Italian ice, so I got that. It was starting to rain again, so we agreed to go up to Donna's apartment where it was dry and warm. As we drove up in my Prius, the sky opened up like a waterfall.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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Unknown said...

I popped through a few posts today and revelled in the idea of someone using entire pages. Great color and format I'm looking forward to following your work.