Friday, July 6, 2012

Wes Anderson Craft Night

Kathryn Sullivan sent out a Facebook invite for a Craft Night prior to the Wes Anderson themed costume party at Stardust Video & Coffee. I planned to sketch the Stardust party and I didn't have a costume so the craft night made sense. The address on the invite was right in the Audubon Park neighborhood near Stardust so I parked on a side street across from stardust and walked to find the address. I arrived at a quaint suburban cinder block home with a front porch and car port. I didn't know how many people might show up to this event, but I didn't see any cars parked around the house. I wondered if I was at the right place and double checked the address. This was it. I rang the doorbell.

Kathryn greeted me warmly at the door. Felt swatches, glue, sewing thread and other assorted supplies were on an old travel chest being used as a coffee table in the living room. Mike Underwood was in the kitchen cooking snacks. Kathryn and Mike found this place the first day they looked for a home. The interior was completely renovated with new moldings, paint and tile. It was quite a find. A third roommate appeared briefly but she mostly kept to her room. She was making preparations for a trip to Africa. I was the only guest.

I had thought ahead enough to wear a light blue shirt so I might blend in with the cast of The Life Aquatic.  Since I didn't have a red skull cap, I needed to fabricate a replica out of felt. I also needed to add blue stripes to my shirt. Kathryn had me cutting felt for the hat and soon I was busy trying to create a decent replica using only felt, fabric glue and some thread. The Life Aquatic was playing on their flat screen TV as we worked. Kathryn was creating an intricate yellow submarine complete with thread sewn lettering. It was an ambitious project. Mike it turns out is quite a cook and he made delicious hors devours. Mike started doing folksy paintings of  Margot Tenenbaum, played by Gwyneth Paltrow from The Royal Tenenbaums. That is when I started sketching Mike and Kathryn hard at work.

My red cap had a nipple at the top, like you would see on a condom. When I tried it on without the folded up lower edge, I looked like a demonic Pope. The Darjeeling Limited came on as the second Wes Anderson film as we worked. The scene came up where one of the brothers fell passionately in love with an Indian woman he met on the train. Man, it got hot! Kathryn and Mike had amazing costumes as poppa Steve Zissou and Kingsly from The Life Aquatic. His costume was mostly a bathrobe and tight Speedo.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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