Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take Your Blinders Off

Julie Gros let me know that a Vegan Outreach organization was showing a documentary about the horrors of meat production facilities. I stumbled across the pickup truck mobile theater as I was walking around Lake Eola on my way to another event. I had to sketch. Julie was there along with five or six other people who handed out fliers and offered people passing by vegan fudge. The mobile video truck was parked across the street from Publix Supermarket.

The Meat Video showed actual footage from factory farms. It was narrated by James Cromwell. I warn you that the video is brutal and hard to watch. Also, there were clips from Earthlings Film, set to music by local musician, Dani Shay. I must have watched the films like ten times as I worked on the sketch. It made me think I should consider a vegan diet. I'm considering starting another blog called, Vegan Artist in a Carnivorous World.

Some people walking past the screening averted their eyes. Others stood for a while to talk to volunteers. One man walking past with his family shouted out "You are all *ssh*lls!" A volunteer shouted back, "Nice language in front of your children!" I don't know how many people were influenced by the screenings, but having taken the time to look, I am certainly considering making more compassionate choices when it comes to my diet.

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Hannah said...

Though I don't usually preach the politics of diet, I am always happy to hear that a friend is considering making what I consider to be ethical improvements in their diet. I think the NYT sponsored a really interesting take on the subject of meat consumption that you might enjoy: