Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wonderland Tea Party

Lesley Silvia teaches photography at Full Sail. I first met Lesley and her husband Jared at the Kerouac House. Jared is a writer. Leslie decided to host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for her birthday party. The tea party was held in a large pavilion at Secret Lake Park (200 Ivy Road, Casselberry). Terry and I used an iPhone GPS to drive to the Secret Lake. We arrived at a softball field and parking lot. There was only one other car in the parking lot. This couldn't be it. We decided to drive off and find another road that approached the secret lake. No wonder the lake was secret. Paper bag mushrooms lined the approach to the pavilion. A white rabbit and topiary decorated the tables. It was a lavish affair.

A dozen or so of Lesley's friends were gathered in the shade of the pavilion. It was a hot humid day. Women were given bright top hats that Lesley had made with paper and hot glue. Men were given newspaper bow ties. Vegan cupcakes were being arranged on the center table and Lesley had jars of raw tea that we could scoop up to make our own tea bags. A coffee machine supplied the hot water. Jared set up several large fans that offered a welcome breeze.  I made iced tea by soaking my tea bag in a half cup of hot water and then putting in ice cubes.

Many of the people gathered were artists and Leslie gave each one of those Russian nesting dolls that stack inside each other. Markers, colored pencils, brushes and paint were supplied so anyone who wanted to could create a masterpiece. Terry created one of her patented smiley face creations. There were some fabulous creations. One had monster's heads that could be rotated to sit on various monster bodies. After tea, finger sandwiches and cupcakes, a few people braved the sun to play bocce ball on the lawn. Terry and I rushed off to see The Avengers movie.

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