Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Saving It for Paul!

Nicole Antonia Carson wrote and directed, I'm Saving it for Paul. I was surprised that the venue was in an outdoor tent behind the Shakes. In the opening scene, the make shift curtain opened and Martha (played by Robyn Scriver) was making out with her fiance Max (Anthony R. Smith). She wouldn't "do it" because she was saving "it" for Paul, of the beetles. Earlier in the day I had seen Robyn in the Shakes lobby and thought, "OMG there is a movie star!" I had seen Robyn perform in the Banks Helfrich film, The AH of Life. I didn't scream & shout. The play was promoted on the Lawn of Fabulousness when a pack of girls ran through the crowd screaming loudly. I half expected to see the Beetles running ahead of them.

Martha's sole obsession is to meet Paul back stage. She is helped in this quest by Aunt Sadie (Tabitha Rox).  Sadie is responsible for the call girls who go back stage and she promised to bring along Martha. The call girl in black that I sketched was Loretta (Melissa Cooper). She was all legs and her ongoing gag was that she stuffed her bra. Martha's every dream comes true when she meets Paul McCartney (John Reid Adams). The actor really was a dead ringer for Paul and he did an awesome job with the British accent.

This was an enjoyable light hearted comedy about the screaming fans and groupies of the Fab Four. Who could not like a play about a woman who just wants to get laid?

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