Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eclipse Southside Band

Anytime the Celebrity Eclipse left port, there was a party on deck. The dance floor doubled as a fountain with a small stream of water shooting up from each floor panel. The streams were illuminated from below as well making a colorful display at night. The stage and fountain both looked out over the pool. Terry always wanted to be on deck when we departed. This group, called The Southside Band, from the Philippines was performing covers of pop tunes just about anywhere we went on board. Sand bags held the music stands in place and once a musicians music was swept away by a strong wind. A passenger helped him grab it before it blew overboard.

Every day there was a four page pamphlet that outlined the activities for that day on the ship. Every minute of every day at sea there were activities. There were fitness classes, seminars, dance classes, Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments and movie screenings. They actually had a screening of "Contagion" in the movie theater on board. That movie is about a virus that was spread do to contact with some infected food. That virus spread causing world wide panic. Anytime we entered the dining hall, crew members insisted that we use a hand sanitizer lotion. Perhaps the virus was on board.What genius decided to run that movie? Did they screen "Titanic" or "The Poseidon Adventure" as well?  One of the Canadians at dinner confirmed that they did indeed screen "The Poseidon Adventure."  There was a huge central chandelier in the dining hall and I kept wondering how it might shatter when a passenger fell head over heals into it. Terry and I went to the movie theater just once, to see a much tamer movie called "Mr Popper's Penguins." It was a light hearted way to kill two hours.

Terry took a line dance class while I sketched. Later that evening I saw her on TV dancing along with a dozen or so other passengers. This sort of voyeuristic video surveillance seemed like a good idea. I studied her every move as I relaxed in our cabin.

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