Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eclipse Pool

While my wife, Terry, was working on crossword puzzles and reading in our stateroom, I went on deck to sketch the main pool. There was another indoor pool as well near the workout rooms. I stood on a walkway between the outdoor bar and a burger stand. I starred off in the shade but the boat must have shifted it's course because I soon was in the full sun. The pool had four jacuzzis. Two of the jacuzzis were almost always filled with children. There was a stage at the foot of the shallow end of the pool and there was often live music.

In the lounge chairs, passengers fingered their iPads, read actual paper books and soaked up the sun. Terry and I talked about getting in a jacuzzi, but we never got around to it. A mom snapped photos of her kids in the jacuzzi. A woman in a hijab stood at the edge of the pool but she never got in the water. I noticed her later in a lounge chair with only the oval of her face exposed to the sun.

In the evenings, Terry and I would take walks on deck, doing full laps around the perimeter of the ship. The Celebrity Eclipse was 1,033 feet long and 121 feet wide. There were 2850 guests on board. In the evening, the pool and jacuzzis were closed. Nets were secured over the waters surface to keep people out. I never noticed a life guard but some crew member must have been watching.

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Murray Dewhurst said...

Ah, so this is what it looks like onboard the big liners - you've captured the action well.