Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrity Eclipse

Elaine Pasekoff and Derek Hewitt drove Terry and I to the Miami docks where our cruise ship was docked. There was some paperwork to fill out and the passports had to be checked, but getting on to the ship was a fairly painless process. There were maps of the ship near the elevators and we decided to go to the Ocean View Bar at the back of the ship to wait for embarkation. We ordered drinks and I relaxed into my first sketch on the voyage. Half way into this sketch the loud speakers crackled on and we were told that everyone had to report to an evacuation station point. I always finish a sketch yet here on vacation there were more interruptions than ever.

At the evacuation point we had to see a film and listen to crew members much like stewardesses on an airplane. Terry sat on my artist stool as the room grew hot from all the people pressing into a small space. After the film, Terry went to our cabin and I hiked back to the Ocean View Bar to finish my sketch. Signs that said, "Private Party" were blocking the entrance to the bar. I ignored them and made my way back to the bar. The Brits sipping their drinks with umbrellas must have been exclusive VlP's.

I finished the sketch just as the boat started to move. Loud horn blasts announced our departure. Terry texted me to let me know she was coming to meet me. She got lost so I went on deck to find her. She was easy to find, since she was a few yards from where I exited the bar and went on deck. The water churned as the huge ship backed out of the dock. Everything moved in slow motion. It started to drizzle so I went to our cabin for the first time. My luggage was in the hall, so I rolled it inside and looked around. I relaxed on the balcony and watched the Miami skyline slide by as we went out to sea. The Celebrity Eclipse had set sail.

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