Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reed Nissan, Holiday Oil Change

My truck has been running hard in idle. As a kid I used to use a clothes line pin to make baseball cards flip against the spokes of the front wheel my banana seat bike. That is what it sounded like. Nostalgic but probably not good. An oil stain on the garage floor made me suspect I was low on oil. Terry also let me know that a turn signal in the back was out. I brought the truck into Reed Nissan for an oil change and bulb replacement. What I like about Reed Nissan is that the waiting area has large windows overlooking the work area.

Bing Crosby crooned some Christmas Carol as I sketched. I always dread bringing the truck in since I always expect the worst diagnosis. A small blue compact blocked the view of my truck which was on the lift in the back of the garage. Parts and labor for the bulb and oil change came to $69.57. Then the technician explained that there were other problems. Both axel boots were broken and he wanted to replace both axles. He wasn't sure about the price on the axles so he left to look that up. While he was gone I started doing my own price research online. I found out that the CV Boots were $15 plastic pieces that helped keep dirt off the axles. The cost for the axles and labor was going to be $1,328. Merry Christmas! I decided to skip getting new axles. I'm hoping that it was an unnecessary repair. Things always break down, and letting some things slide seems to be the only way to keep moving forward.

Driving home the truck sounded smooth and steady. Things just might look good going into the new year. I just need to focus on whats working, and ignore anything that isn't working right now. I'm not ready for a complete overhaul, just change the oil.

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