Monday, October 10, 2011

One and Only Dream Scene

The final scene that needed to be shot for Britt Daley's "One and Only" music video was the dream sequence. Everyone was dressed in 1980's fashion. This scene lap dissolved from the scene of Britt spinning on the audition stage with Andy Matchett. Britt and Andy are spinning in the dimly lit theater surrounded by characters frozen still. When they walk up to the bar, Kyle Raker and Jessica Mariko snapped to life. Kyle served martinis and Jessica began a sensual dance.

Center stage, Will "MainSwitch" Campbell and Darci Riccardi begin a break dance when approached. Britt and Andy laughed and danced as the dream snapped to life. Finally they approached Nicholas Corcoran, and skating Katie Peters who performed a blend between a "Saturday Night Fever" dance and a roller girl dance routine. They were a smooth and well oiled dancing machine. I was amazed at how this scene was rehearsed, then performed in a matter of hours.

The scene was shot multiple times. One master shot followed Britt and Andy the whole time, then cut away shots and close ups were done. Scott Wilkins, the director, explained that the scene would be cut together with multiple shots sliding into place much like the complex montage scenes from the 1966 film "Grand Prix."

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