Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Arts Matter

Sea World hosted the annual A+ Awards from United Arts. The awards were created by United Arts professional grant recipient, Robin Maria Pedrero. This is the The Arts+ Awards 10th year. When I arrived, Mark Baratelli of the Daily City was being interviewed by Peter Murphy in the entry to Ports of Call where the reception was happening prior to the ceremony. I had to duck and cover to get around the TV camera crew. As patrons of the arts mingled, drank and ate, a huge seal started to bark. Mark posed with the seal who was trained to remain still as photos were shot.

Between awards presentations, there were performances by MicheLee Puppets, the Reps Power Chords, Voci Dance and the Bach Festival Society. Margot Knight will be leaving United Arts of Central Florida to move to a position in California. When she walked to the podium she got a standing ovation. Mark Baratelli was nominated for the Collaborative Partnership award, but he lost to the MicheLee Puppets.

The theme of "The Arts Matter" was reenforced throughout the evening. Patients who are offered to create art while Undergoing chemo-therapy often say they notice pain far less. There is a direct correlation from studies that students who are offered art in schools tend to get better grades. We don't need students who want to spit back established answers, We need students who think creatively.

It was an entertaining evening which offered new leads as I search for my next sketch able arts organizations.

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