Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot in the City Party

Alchemy (2812 Edgewater Drive) is a hair salon in College Park. Together with they hosted a summer party in the lot behind the business. The first thing I wanted to see was "Sea of Green" by Doug Rhodehamel. Cardboard fish with green fluorescent eyes were hung every where from the metal roof beams of the shop. The shop interior was pitch black and black lights illuminated the fish creating an hypnotic and playful deep sea space to swim through. Thankfully the shop was also air conditioned.

Outside in the alley between shops there were several cardboard boxes full of vinyl records. There were always people searching that music treasure chest. Other vendors and artisans had vintage clothing and jewelry. Mark Baratelli of arrived and handed out swag bags to the first people to arrive. A photo booth was set up by EnnaAnne Photography under a red tent behind Alchemy. Drawing the graffiti I tried to decipher what the tag spelled out but I never did figure it out. Several people introduced themselves to me. Steph has been reading for some time and she was honestly thankful for what I do. Meeting people like that really helps keep me going.

Several food trucks were on the far end of the lot and a stage was set up. Stage lights were sand bagged to the roof tops aimed at the stage. At one point a guitarist was playing musical chairs. When the music stopped everyone sat down. Two people were sitting on one chair neither one giving up. A judge had to be called in to see who had the highest cheek to chair ratio. When Terry arrived we considered getting a bite at the food trucks. One truck was sold out and the other had a long line. Wendy Wallenburg and Carl Knickerbocker and Mark Baratelli also were considering getting a bite. We all decided to go across the street to Paxia alta Cocina Mexicana (2611 Edgewater Drive), a Restaurant with really good Margaritas. The ice cold Margaritas were a great way to cool down after being on the hot asphalt for so long.

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