Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Double D Incident

Britt Daley and an amazing army of talent were shooting a music video for her new song, "One and Only" in the Orlando Repertory Theater, Katie Peters in he bright yellow dress stood on her mark for the audition. John DiDonna and Jennifer Bonner were in the audience seats acting as the director and his assistant. For this shot the video camera was way in the back of the theater pointing at the stage for a long shot. There was a nervous tension in the room. Everyone wanted to get this shot right.

Katie sang the last note in her song, "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home" She then lowered her arms. Jennifer barked, "Thank you" with disdain and disinterest. Dejected, Katie walked off the stage. Britt entered the stage with her huge 80's style boom box. She waved to get the directors attention shouting, "Hello, HELLO!" Then she marched over to the piano, her high heels clicking loudly and assertively. She slammed the boom box on the piano. The battery compartment sprang open sending the double D batteries flying. They tumbled down striking the keys of the piano making a loud cacophonous clamor of notes. The room fell silent, then everyone laughed. Someone shouted out, "Keep those double D's contained!" I was in tears, because I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't breath! Finally calm returned. I just hope the final edit is as entertaining as the shooting process.

Any tension was broken. It was decided the batteries weren't needed since the music would be added in the edit anyway. The next time Britt strutted on the stage the atmosphere was lighthearted and care free. She was ready to storm the audition. The scenes were shot in rapid succession. Then there was a break for lunch.

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