Monday, August 15, 2011

Piano Bar Cabaret

Amanda Chadwick gathered some friends together for brunch at Dexter's (808 East Washington Street.) Tables were pushed together to accommodate everyone. Everyone ordered Mimosa's or juice. My omelet was reasonably good but lacking in spices. After we ate some of us went to Parliament House (410 North Orange Blossom Trail) for the Sunday Piano Bar Cabaret that occurs every week from 1pm to 4pm.

When Terry and I arrived, Kelly Richards was still setting up. He draped a black cloth over two small tables and used that to support his electronic piano. A tall tips chalice was rimmed with Mardi Gras beads. Amanda, Denna Beena and Travis Fillmen were already there. Mark Baratelli arrived soon after us. Mark performed early in the line up. He sang a Jason Robert Brown song but he improvised all the lyrics. It was pure genius and hilarious. I was surprised when Terry got up to sing. She sang "Send in the Clowns" tentatively at first then with feeling. It felt as if she was singing to me. I kept tearing around while she couldn't move. As life throws it's challenges at us, we are finding ways to laugh and tear up this town together.

Once again I was coaxed up to sing "Somewhere Out There" with Amanda. I'm always surprised when the whole audience joins along with the chorus. Amanda did a little soft shoe shuffle between verses. The most heart warming moment of the day came when Kelly asked all the singers to stand together on the small stage. We all sang "Seasons of Love". All our voices blended and harmonized beautifully. Terry lowered her head to my shoulder as we sang. It was a simple glorious moment but soon forgotten in the crush and demands of everyday life.

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Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderfull and your blog conveyed the feeling of togetherness and family that makes piano bar such a welcome escape from life on sunday afternoons. Thank you for capturning a moment in the life...