Tuesday, August 16, 2011

David & Buster's

After reading a review of David & Buster's by Kelly Fitzpatrick, I decided I had to venture out to International Drive to see this adult million dollar midway for myself. The large building just south of Sand Lake Road has been fully renovated. What really appealed to me was the free parking which is rare in this town. An employee in a tailored white shirt opened the glass door for me. As I ascended up a large staircase I started to hear the chimes, rings and commotion of all the arcade games. Entering the large open space is overwhelming and exhilarating. Lights flashed everywhere as hundreds of games shouted for attention.

I circled the huge space several times constantly looking for a place to sketch. The Wheels of Fortune were always crowded so I stood at a table across the way and got to work. The machine behind me chirped and buzzed for my attention like R2D2. People carried long strings of tickets which sometimes flickered to the floor and had to be folded back up. Buckets sat on tables to be used when people hit the jackpot. A game beside me involved dropping a rubber ball onto a rotating circular disk. Holes along the edge were there to catch the ball. The guy playing hit the jackpot and he raised his arms in victory as the lights flashed. Couples and families kept playing the Wheel of Fortune but there were no big winners that I noticed.

I went to David & Buster's in the afternoon of an average workday and the place was bustling. I truly felt like Vegas. A large restaurant was to the right of the entrance. Next time I come I plan to enjoy the full, "Eat, Drink, Play" experience.

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