Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America WWII Burlesque

Terry and I went to see "Captain America the First Avenger" on it's opening weekend. Ultimately we were disappointed in the film. There was plenty of fist fighting and no character development. The predictable romance was unsatisfying; the actors had no chemistry. The constant fighting and explosive action became boring after a while. That evening there was going to be a World War II themed Burlesque party at the Comic Shop. Sophie Lamore one of the organizers of the event told me that my name would be on the list so I could sketch the event. Since the event cost $9, Terry decided to hang out with friends at Redlight Redlight while I sketched. It was Chad Bruce's birthday.

When I got to the Comic Shop there was a large group of people at the back of the store waiting to get into the Geek Easy, a separate social gathering room in the back of the building. I noticed some Captain America comics on the bookshelf across from me. I had arrived a little late, so I was surprised that no one was allowed in yet. Though there probably wasn't enough time, I decided to sketch the people waiting. A few women had on WWII themed dresses and a couple of guys wore military cargo pants. As I sketched people started filing in. When everyone was inside I walked up to the admissions table and told the woman my name so she could check the list. It was a bit odd announcing I was Thor in a comic shop. My name wasn't there. I told her to check with Sophie who I had talked to about covering the event. From inside the venue, Sophie didn't remember putting me on the list. The message was relayed to me. I was offered a discounted ticket, but realized it was a good excuse to get back to Chad's birthday party. Besides I already had a finished sketch. My job was done. I drove back to Redlight Redlight to hang out with Terry and to wish Chad a happy birthday. As Terry and I left the bar, Chad offered me some eggs from his very own hen house. It was a farm fresh evening.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com


Flirtini Foxxes Burlesque said...

Wow. Sorry for any confusion, but after reading your blog I decided to look up exactly what our conversation laid out for our plans. Now, the last time we exchanged emails was June 22nd (almost one month to the day) before the event. Here are the conversations "copy/pasted" just to help avoid any other confusion.

Sophie LaMore

Well all the performers are pretty busy with regular day jobs and getting ready for our busy July, however, we are doing a show on July 2nd! Its at the Peacock Room and I could have the girls get there early so we can do the sketch before the show! The show doesn't start till 11ish and the door doesn't open til 930pm. The bar it self opens at 8pm and Its usually pretty slow.

Thomas Thorspecken
June 20
Thomas Thorspecken

That sounds like a good plan. Would I have to pay a cover to get in 8:30ish?

Sophie LaMore
June 20
Sophie LaMore

Ad its gonna be a heck of a party;) I'll let the girls know. Thank you again for contacting us.

Thomas Thorspecken
June 21
Thomas Thorspecken

Dear Sophie,

Now it looks like I will be going to South Carolina July 4th weekend. Sad I can't catch a red white and blue pose before the comic event. Plan to sketch and report on the Captain America Event anyway. You are bound to have a crowd regardless.

Analog Artist Digital World

Sophie LaMore
June 22
Sophie LaMore

Oh boo. Well, definitely have an amazing holiday weekend! We will definitely have to touch base if nothing else at the event.


Again, pretty disappointed in this posting as a whole. Maybe next time, if communication is not as clear as needed for your free ticket, you can pay the admission (most events like these are under $10), find the person you had had been dealing with yourself and get things cleared up before you get to this point. I would have gladly given you back your $9.

Thor said...

Re-reading the thread I can see the possible confusion. Since I couldn't sketch the Peacock Room event I assumed you would permit me to sketch the WWII event.

Wasn't upset I didn't get in. Was happy to join friends at Redlight Redlight.

This has to be the longest comment I ever got. :) No hard feelings.