Friday, July 29, 2011

Southern Fried Sunday

Southern Fried Sunday organized by Jessica Pawli was an all day music festival and more with ticket sales going to benefit the Mustard Seed. It was Jessica's birthday and she celebrated by giving back to the community. The benefit featured 17 musical acts at 3 venues on Mills Avenue. The Mustard Seed is a furniture and clothing bank that helps rebuild lives of individuals and families who have experienced a tragedy, disaster or homelessness. When I arrived at Mills Avenue I decided I wanted to draw Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors. Women in bikinis were holding signs that read, "Free beer" and some were hula hooping. There was a long line of black Harley Davidson motorcycles parked in front of the bar. I sat down and the second I opened my sketchbook it started to rain. I rushed up the street to Will's Pub.

I was issued a tan armband. I walked into the dark room with a stage. People were seated all around the edge of the room and there were no empty sects left so I sat on my camping stool up close to the stage. Bartender Brian Hanson was performing. I didn't know if he had just started or if he was almost finished so I worked quickly. He closed his eyes lost in the music. His deep raspy voice filled the room. Sure enough he had only one song more to sing. When he got off stage he spoke to the woman seated beside me. Her name was Mech Anism. He didn't think it was one of his better performances.

"Greenland is Melting" from Gainsville Florida was the next group up. Their lively act had everyone clapping and swaying. The guy on the cello bobbed his head up and down violently, his hair a flowing mad mess.The guitarist and banjo player harmonized the lyrics. I was having so much fun sketching to the music. I could have listened to these guys all day.It was over way too fast.

"Kitchy Kittens Burlesque Dancers" wandered through the crowd asking for donations for Mustard Seed. They looked amazing in their 1940's Pin Up Girl themed costumes. They were on stage for only a minute so I didn't catch them in a sketch. I couldn't stay all day. I had time for one more sketch before meeting my wife Terry, Amanda Chadwick and Matt Simantov at the Food Truck Bazaar.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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