Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Fox Louge

Amanda Chadwick and Matt Simantov first introduced Terry and me to the Red Fox Lounge (110 S. Orlando Ave, Winter Park). On the night they took us to the lounge, only Mark the was there behind the keyboard. Amanda boldly insisted that I not sketch until I had a chance to see the full act with Lorna. She claims that a Saturday Night Live writer had seen the Lounge act of Mark Wayne and Lorna Lambry. This writer then wrote a series of lounge act skits build around this couple. Urban myth or fact, this lead Terry and me to return. It was Saturday night and we decided to go to the Red Fox Lounge after an open house at McRae Art Studios. The dark inviting lounge was packed, except for a small table for two right up front.

Mark and Lorna are a married couple who have been performing in the Lounge every night for over a decade. They perform Vegas style with complete control of the audience with a high dose of campy fun. It is obvious they are seasoned entertainers. The room was darkly paneled with a strange neon light beside the bar. A single spot light illuminated Lorna as she sang. A table of women was right next to us and it was obviously a birthday celebration since the birthday girl was wearing a tiara and there were balloons. Mark shouted out, "I need two of you girls to come on up here!" The women hesitated, then three of them got up and began dancing behind Lorna. They laughed and had a grand time. Mark's laser beam attention focused on me for a moment and he said, "It looks like we got someone taking notes on everything we say!" I smiled and kept sketching. Later on a break between sets he looked at the sketch, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "You are my kind of guy." An older couple sat in front of us and when Lorna sang the next song, they got up and started to swing dance. They were good! Everyone was hooting and hollering!

A guy in a red T-Shirt was asked to sit next to Lorna for one of her songs. As he got up, he shouted out, "Lorna, you are so sexy!" He sipped his drink as she sang, "Fever". Then she pulled his head down on her shoulder and she sang softly to him. Mark shouted, "Watch where you put your hands buddy!" Wendy Wallenburg and Carl Knickerbocker showed up. There was literally no place to sit but we squeezed in a couple of more chairs in the doorway. Terry and I left soon after I finished my sketch. Then Wendy and Carl snuggled around our little table. I forgot my hat on the table and only a day later, Wendy was at an event with Terry and it was returned.

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Unknown said...

Awesome sketch Thor! I love the Red Fox!