Monday, March 21, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

There are some who are still celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, you know who you are. But on the 17th I decided to go downtown to sketch the crowd gathered at the Harp and Celt Irish Pub and Restaurant. The sun was setting as I sketched the darks grew richer and deeper. Everyone was wearing green. Some men had absurdly large inflatable top hats while women sported derbys and shamrock antennae. There were a few couples wearing kilts. I was seated on the center median on Magnolia Avenue since it was the perfect spot to get this panoramic view of the crowd. I was approached by one fellow that wanted to give me a plastic cup for the evening. I said, "I'm fine thank you."

Terry met me as I was working on the sketch. She decided to take a walk around Lake Eola to clear her head after a rough day at work. By the time she got back, I was done. We decided to go inside the Harp and Celt to get a drink. The pub was packed but we managed to muscle our way up to the beer taps. I saw the bartender pour a drink I had to try. The plastic cup had an inner shot glass which I think held a combination of Irish Whiskey and Baileys. The remainder of the cup was then filled with Guinness. As the ingredients mixed the drink frothed up like an ice cream float. I found out this drink is called an Irish car bomb! Terry ordered a Harp beer which seemed appropriate.

We sat outside. The table behind me was littered with half finished beers. A police officer on foot approached the doorman and they talked for a while. The only problem in the pub so far had been that a man who was presumed to be homeless ordered a beer and then started pan handling everyone inside. He had to be kicked out. After our one drink, Terry and I called it a night. We walked past the art galleries on the way to her car since it was Third Thursday which meant that there were multiple gallery openings. At her office Terry had a bright green jacket and I was surprised she hadn't worn it for our outing at the Harp and Celt. She didn't realize the evening might have a chill.

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Jen said...

The drink is callled an Irish Car bomb!

Thor said...

Now that is an adventurous drink!