Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Porch Dogs

Sunday was Terry's day. She decided she wanted to go to Big Fin Seafood Restaurant (8046 Via Dellagio Way) for a Cajun Brunch. She knew there was going to be a Cajun Band playing and she reserved a table right up front next to the band. She ordered eggs Benedict and I ordered an egg in a basket which is an egg nestled inside of some French toast. My egg was under cooked for my taste but hers were delicious. We both ordered mimosas as well. While we ate I continued to sketch, figuring most sets don't last long. The Porch Dogs played their blend of Cajun Zydeco tirelessly. Terry was invited up to sing "The Battle of New Orleans" and play the washboard with some spoons. Amazingly she knew all the words. Half way into the sketch I ordered a Mojito and it was tangy, sweet and strong, just the way I like them. As I was finishing a second Mojito the sketch was nearing completion. The lead singer, Antonio Bolet shouted out, "Looks like we have a serious artist in the audience! Let me see what you been doing." I lifted up the sketch to show the band members. He then suggested I hold the sketch up for folks at the bar, which I did. The waitress came around and offered another round of drinks saying, "It looks like you do your best work with Mojitos!" Later he asked me for my card saying he would love for me to work on a cd case cover.

During another set Terry and I danced around the bar area practicing our Cajun moves. We have been to a few Cajun concerts and picked up the basics along the way. Terry whispered to me, "Every woman in this bar is jealous right now since their husbands don't want to dance." A few couples in the back of the bar also started busting some moves. We ended up staying in the outdoor porch area for over five hours listening to music and relaxing. This was our first time stopping into thus new development of restaurants that cropped up on Sand Lake Road in the last year. I am glad we did and I am sure we will return again son.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com


Rui Figueiredo said...

Mister Thomas, i'm just watching them for the first time.. but let me say that your drawings are very good.

It was a night full of good things, I apologize myself for intruding on the story.
I am following your blog. And whenever I can, I'll come here to check your wonderful works.

Greetings from Portugal

Cláudia Salgueiro said...

Great drawing! LOvelly colours. Amazing composition!

Rui, a internet é um lugar pequeno, no meio de tantos cliques que dei para chegar, não imaginas o meu espanto ao te encontrar, ainda mais sabendo pela data do teu comentário que foi ontem que aqui estiveste!
Sempre a seguir os grandes artistas!