Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rock Out with Your Cocktails Out!

Today marks the beginning of year 3 for Analog Artist Digital World. This years resolution is to keep the gears greased and begin work on the first AADW book. Drip dance company held a Fundraiser for their new show called RIFF. They may have found a new permanent home on International Drive and I suspect that in 2011 they will blow the roof off the house. The fundraiser was held at Blank Space (201 East Central Boulevard.) The venue was packed and talent was thick.

Singer, songwriter, Britt Daley took to the stage and performed songs from her recent CD release "Unsupervised EP." Her vibrant Electro-Pop filled the room and people started to move to the beat. The guitarist, James Christy, stomped on foot pedals and made constant adjustments to his sound. Joey Antrim on bass calmly set down his resonant consistent notes, while Jay Caudle who was hidden from my view with a large speaker, attacked the drums. Britt's music hit a wide spectrum of emotions from driving hard beats to melodic and soulful . One song, "Its too Late" reflected on the sorrow of realizing that it is too late to expect change from the one you love. I stopped sketching to let the music's sorrow envelop me. I was a little annoyed I let my mood swing so easily. I had been pumped, working feverishly only a minute earlier.

After her performance some hard core fund-raising began when a date with Britt was put up for auction. Steve Johnson, a semi nude DRIP dancer, acted as the auctioneer. I buried my hands deep in my pockets. Terry was sitting beside me, "but it was for such a good cause" I thought to myself. "Perhaps I should bid just to help drive up the price." My hands didn't budge. The bidding started lightly, $25 was soon raised to $50, but then a guy at the bar forced the bid up to $100. The crowd was hooting and hollering at this point with each successive bid. I was clapping and hollering myself, the price too rich for my shy blood. The final bid was $200 and the place went wild! I had a print of one of my DRIP sketches up for the silent auction. It didn't bring in anywhere near the money Britt did. Next time I auction my work it needs to be packaged with a date with a beautiful woman!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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Rick said...

Congrats on three wonderful prolific years of great artwork and raising people's awareness!