Sunday, January 2, 2011

James Bond New Year's Dress to Kill

At home I helped Terry apply the last of her golden makeup. Her entire face, neck and hands were covered in golden theatrical paint and she wore a golden one piece dress and carried a golden hand bag. I simply wore a warm golden suit and tie. When we arrived at the Enzian Theater, I picked up our tickets and we went up to the bar to order our complimentary drinks. The drinks consisted of Bond themed names from, 007 Classic, a Vodka Dry Vermouth with olives to the more exotic drinks like, Diamonds are Forever. I ordered a Miss Moneypenny which was a champagne topped with apple pie liqueur. Very tasty. Terry without a doubt was the best dressed, Bond Themed woman at the party. I had to draw her, although it is hard to capture all the glittering gold in a sketch. Matters were complicated by the fact that people kept walking up to Terry and asking to have their picture taken with her. Apparently Myth Busters had debunked the idea that a woman could die from being painted head to toe in gold paint. Every woman was indeed dressed to kill with high heels and plenty of leg.

When it got really crowded outside we went inside to look around. There was a DJ mixing the music and on the movie screen strippers were pole dancing and crawling on all fours. We thought we might get a beer inside but the bar was packed and so we went back outside. A photographer asked to take Terry's photo on one of the red velvet couches. I started my second sketch out in the Eden Bar. The bartenders were in constant twirling motion. They performed an amazing ballet of mixing, shaking and pouring. The bartender I sketched was wearing a Russian spy's Siberian winter wardrobe with a fur hat and a tightly cinched waste. I waited for some time trying to get a bartenders attention with no luck. Terry took my place and within a minute she was served drinks. It is hard to miss a golden woman ordering drinks.

With 15 minutes remaining till midnight we made our way to the dance floor. The big screen flashed brightly with various pornographic images. Breasts, hands, gyrating hips, tongues and nipples. At first the images were live action closeups and then fast paced animation took it's place. When the animation repeated, I managed to tear my eyes from the screen to focus on the dance floor. There was plenty of smooching and dancing, a wild Bacchanal. Balloons were batted around above peoples heads the shadow playing on the movie screen. When the countdown began at around 30 seconds, the screen switched over to a live feed of Times Square. Above the dance floor a huge net held hundreds of balloons waiting to drop on the packed dance floor. Ten, nine, eight... Everyone shouted along and then the ball dropped and everyone shouted and cheered dancing with our arms raised. Couples embraced and kissed. I kissed Terry carefully but ended up with golden lips and a golden nose. The balloons above us never fell. Terry found a red feather boa on the dance floor and wrapped it around her neck.

When we got off the dance floor Terry told me she was starving. We drove down 17-92 till we found a Taco Bell where we ordered some tacos to ring in the New Year. Only the drive through window was open so we ordered and then parked in the parking lot eating in my truck. A humble ending to an amazing night.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What a very clever idea to go to the party as the 'Gold finger' girl... Gold Finger is on tv right now... a Bond marathon today. I was a bit disappointed that the link to see the golden dress didn't work... your photo isn't shared with the 'public'.