Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Moose Lodge

Terry and I drove south to Port Charlotte to have Thanksgiving with my sister Pat Boehme and Mike Napalitano. Rather than spend all day cooking, Mike bought tickets to have dinner at the Moose Lodge. We drove to Moose Lodge 2121. Above the entry "LOOM" was printed which stands for the Loyal Order Of the Moose. Mike explained that there is a hierarchy of these Lodges. Lowest in the pecking order are the Order of the Eagles. Apparently if you are an Eagle, you are slumming it. Next up the totem is the Order of the Moose which is middle class in nature. He said, "If you are an Elk, well you are a snob." We got a table and a volunteer waitress quickly took our tickets. I believe the tickets cost $7. Only a Moose member could pay for drinks so Mike ordered us each a soda from the bar. As soon as I got back with Mike from the bar, the food arrived. Each plate had heaping portions of traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, stuffing, string beans, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. The food was delicious although the meat was a bit too salty. The advantage to having dinner at the Lodge was that there was no temptation to have seconds. The amount of food was just enough. A waiter stopped by our table to pick up the plates saying, "Well you kids certainly cleaned your plates. When you get to be my age, everyone is a kid."

In a corner of the room there were Moose antlers above a Coke machine. A small stuffed bird was perched on the antlers. There were several large bingo boards on the walls. You could tell they took bingo very seriously here. I think Terry and I were the youngest people in the room which was kind of refreshing. For desert we all had pumpkin pie and Terry ordered apple pie. When we finished I asked to be left behind to finish a sketch. An old couple sat down right in front of me and they anchored my sketch. They waited for the longest time for their food. I turns out their tickets had been put in the wrong pile and the waitress thought they had already been served. Their misfortune was my blessing since they modeled for me much longer than they otherwise would have.

I called my sister so she could pick me up once my sketch was finished. I sat on a bench in front of the Lodge waiting for her. Many people leaving the Lodge needed canes. One woman said, "Too much food in 24 hours, I am glad they had a take out box."

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Speakeasy, that's who. said...

My hometown! Think I've been to that Moose Lodge, in fact. What brought you to Port Charlotte?

Thor said...

My older sister Pat moved there just in time to experience hurricane Charlie.