Sunday, December 5, 2010

Land Sales Office

My sister Pat Boehme took Terry and I to a Punta Gorda Historic Park. Terry wanted to go here because she learned that there was a large Eagles nest in one of the tall pine trees. I saw the huge eagles nest but there were no eagles inside. So, while Pat and Terry sat in lawn chairs waiting for the eagle to return, I wandered off and did this sketch of the Trabue Land Sales office which was built in 1886. This is the oldest building in Punta Gorda. The small tin roofed building now houses a gift shop with photography and jewelry for sale. The woman who cares for the shop is a member of the Audubon Society so she was aware of the eagles comings and goings.

When I finished my sketch, I wandered back over to where Terry and Pat were watching the nest. Pat's son David was there now. Terry suggested that Pat, David and I make a sandwich run while she continued her vigil. We took Pat's car to Publix to get Deli sandwiches. When we got back Terry was still seated, calmly watching the nest. Right after the first bite of my sandwich I saw an eagle fly over my head. I shouted and pointed, being less than subtle as a bird watcher. Terry had borrowed some binoculars from the gift shop and she watched the eagle land on the nest and rip into the fish he had in his talons. I wondered if he was thankful for his meal. I'm not sure I had felt humblingly thankful of my Moose Lodge meal. The eagle jumped out onto a branch and paused for a moment eying the small group of people picnicking under his tree. Then he spread his immense wings and gracefully took flight. He disappeared over a distant band of pine trees, gone as quickly as he had appeared.

Terry wanted to see him again. As she settled back into her lawn chair, I agreed with Pat that rain looked imminent. We dropped David off at his trailer and then went back to Pat's home. On the drive back it did start to rain. Terry did not return to Pat's home for many hours. She took shelter in the gift shop when it poured out. She had a long talk with the proprietress who was also a member of Audubon. Terry never saw the eagle again that day but she got advice on where she could see some wild Parrots so she followed that tip to another bay front park. She ended up seeing 7 wild parrots in some palm trees.

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