Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Comedy Open Mic

On the morning after Thanksgiving, Terry is breaking jokes but I don't laugh because I am so caught up in trying to steel a wireless connection from my sister Pat's neighbors. After an hour of trying I finally found a spot. I opened the front window and rested the computer on the window sill to get a signal. I would go outside but it is raining. This sketch is of a comedy open mic I went to at "The Other Bar" (18 Wall Street) downtown. Two or three of the comics were really funny that night others were painful to watch. The old man on stage, named Uncle Ralph, was really fun and the person at the bar turned out to be a comic as well. He studied the notes the whole time until he was called up to the stage. Actually most of the people in the bar were comics.

Katie Windish was with me this evening. A friend of hers named Kingsley Everett Bennett , is a comic and he introduced her to this event. He came to our table to let us know he might not get on stage. He was called up after all and he was very funny. He returned to our table after his set and gave me a hard time for not sketching him. I couldn't resist sketching Uncle Ralph however. As the audience drank more, the hecklers grew louder. It was fun to see how abusive some comics had to be as they lost audience support. It takes some serious guts to be a stand up comic, especially if you aren't funny. This was a fun evening that I would gladly sketch again.

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