Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

As we went to bed the night before Christmas, Terry stood at the foot of our bed as I crawled under the covers and fluffed my pillow. I curled up on my side and she was still standing there staring and smiling . "What?" I asked. "Is there something on my face. I slapped my forehead 3 Stooges style and wiped. She just kept smiling like a little girl. It looked like she might burst. She couldn't stand it any longer, she said, "Look under your pillow." There was a small flat present there. It was after midnight so officially it was Christmas day. I sat up and unwrapped it. She had given me a "Toy Story 3" DVD. The next day we both watched the movie as our Christmas dinner cooked. I had seen the movie in the theater so I knew what I was in for. Even so, I got all choked up at the end when the story 's theme became clear... be there for someone, no matter what. Odd that some computer generated toys should open my heart to life's lessons of commitment and unquestioning love. That caring selflessly about someone else's happiness is more important than worrying about if they care about you and you are never abandoned if you have friends.

Other presents consisted of a fog free shower mirror for shaving and a warm silk sweater. I gave Terry a nice silver bracelet and a beautiful pink and purple hairpiece from a local artisan named Karie Brown. Terry wore the hairpiece and bracelet all day. Basting the turkey took all day as well. We thawed the turkey in a plastic chlorine bucket outside. Every 15 minutes the water had to be dumped out and new water added with a hose. I planned to relax and I sat outside near the bucket all morning. I simply watched the clouds roll by. There were no plans to sketch any cultural events. I could spent the whole day relaxing with Terry.

When she began preparations for our private Thanksgiving style dinner, I couldn't resist the urge to sketch anymore. I caught her as she pealed and cut the onions causing her eyes to burn with tears. Zorro our pet cockatoo supervised her every move and he eyed me with curiosity as I sketched him. I set the dining room table with our fine china and silverware. I was watching "Christmas Story" when the turkey came out of the oven at about 7pm and I began carving it up. The stuffing tasted amazing and I kept stealing tastes as we bought out all the dishes. By the end of our meal we were both stuffed and close to comatose. "It seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table, but you only want the things you can't have..." Once again Desperado was ringing in my head. I believe we both felt grateful and happy to spend a whole day together. For once I wasn't running around seeking out others who love their life and work. I had time to appreciate what I had at home.

The next morning was cold and windy but I had to go for my 3 mile run to get my blood pumping, feeling bloated from yesterday's feast. I wore a sweatshirt and baggy yoga pants to stay warm. I passed a young boy learning to ride an 8 foot high unicycle which he must have gotten for Christmas. He never fell but the winds kept pushing him around precariously. The entire run out the wind was in my face stinging my lungs. How is it then that the wind was in my face on the entire run back? I passed another runner going the other way in nothing but a tee shirt and shorts. We nodded to one another. I actually saw my breath. I began to loose my will to run in the last quarter mile or so, but then I ran across pine needles which cushioned my steps. It was like a golden sienna carpet laid down for me. I imagined myself as a steam engine and in my mind I stoked the fire so it would burn brighter. For the first time I realized the street I start and stop my run at is called Windjammer Lane. I sprinted towards it knowing full well the only race I had to win was in my head.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful. I am so glad you had such a nice day. I do not post here much but still look every morning around 2am. Wishing you all the best in the coming new year.