Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diocious - Back Booth

Dina Peterson had gotten tickets to Back Booth (37 West Pine Street) for Terry and myself. Terry decided not to go because she can't stand cigarette smoke. When I arrived I handed over my ticket and was given a smokey gray wristband. I started to walk in, when I heard Dina say, "Hey!" She was seated right next to the ticket lady and I was so focused on the ticket process that I hadn't noticed her. It turns out we were both on time which for a club, is too early. Inside Diocious was finishing up its sound check. Even Kevin Maines, the headlining act was waiting outside where it was actually a bit cold. I was anxious to start my sketch and we all headed in. I imediately loved the vintage look of the stage with raw wood, billowing drapes of red curtains and a circular stage that jutted out onto the dance floor. Wires snaked all over the stage in apparent chaos.

Dina introduced me to a dozen or so friends and the members of the band. Alex Robertson was on Guitar and Vocals, Josh Hoffman played Bass and Vocals and Partin Whitaker played Drums and Vocals. Diocious described themselves as a psychedelic Funk / Rock band. I found it unique that Partin on the drums often performed as the lead vocalist. They played for well over an hour giving me time to finish the sketch. The room was so dark that I really didn't see what colors I was using. A flash photo let me see the finished sketch for just an instant. The place became packed. The music had a driving forward momentum with plenty of percussion. I let the music affect how the lines were put down. For me it had a jazz like improvisational feel with occasional sound effects thrown in. It was a great time. Next up was the Kevin Maines Band.

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