Friday, October 22, 2010

Winter Park Farmers Market

I ran across the Winter Park Farmers Market as I was looking for a writing and yoga workshop. I never found the workshop so I returned to sketch the market. It seemed like every other person in the market had a dog. There were pugs, poodles, greyhounds and this furry beast who lunged forward whenever he saw another dog. The owner pulled back hard on the leash. An older man walking by said, "That is no way to treat a dog." The yuppie just went on shopping.

Across from me there was bamboo for sale along with garden plants. The proprietor fingered his iPhone. There was local honey in the booth behind me. A little girl walked up to me and asked what I was drawing. I had met this child just a week before at a political forum. Small world.

When I finished the sketch, I began my search for some lunch. I found a small booth that served omelets. When I got t he omelet, I settled on a park bench to eat. The Winter Park historical society was on my right. A woman sat across from me and she must have noticed that I was studying the architecture. She said, "I can't believe the building isn't open when the market is open. They are missing a chance to get some foot traffic." She then started to tell me all about the history of peacocks in Winter Park. The Tiffany's had a large property where they let peacocks roam. Peacocks are in Winter Park to this day.

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Anonymous said...

You know why there are so many dogs at the Winter Park Farmer's Market? It's just a block from Bark Avenue... :)

Thor said...