Monday, August 30, 2010

Trivia - Hamburger Mary's

Terry and I went on a double date with Amanda Chadwick and Matt Simantov at Hamburger Mary's. The small stage in the corner was already set up with a microphone and questions were being lobbed out to the crowded room. Sheets were handed out where answers could be filled in. The first order of business was to figure out a team name for everyone at the table. After much discussion, we decided our team would be called Cuntry Blimpkins. I had never heard the work blimpkin before, but Matt went on to explain it and I don't think I should repeat it here. You are better off not knowing. Other team names of note included, Your Earwax Tastes Better Than My Dick, Eat Rim Love, and Grandmas little vibrator. You get the general idea and flavor.
Here are some of the questions presented in the "Gay, Gay, Gay" round.
Who designed Cher's costumes?
EOCPHUANLIACRPSM This is two words and a magazine popular with lesbians.
Al Pacino played a homosexual in what film?
What homo is getting a talk show on the Opera Winfrey Network?
What was Julias's son's name on "Designing Women?"
What actor did Will marry on "Will and Grace?"
What "Facts of Life" star has a movie coming out in which she plays a fag hag?
Who wrote the book "La Cage Aux Folles?"
Our team did really good in the first round, coming in second place. We were shocked when the table next to us had copied our team name. They spelled 'Country' the traditional way, however. Our ranking slipped gradually in the subsequent rounds, but regardless of there we placed the evening was a blast.

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