Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Chaplain Visits

On a return visit to Margaret Hill, she was able to get up with much help and eat at the dining room table. I joined her and Mary for lunch. Mary grew concerned watching her mothers breathing worsen over the course of lunch. She helped her mother get back into bed. Margaret's breathing grew shallow and harsh. She began to struggle for each breath and began to panic. Mary placed her left hand on her mother’s brow and then held her right hand over her mothers chest. She made a gesture like she was crumpling a sheet of paper and then she threw it away. Mary did this several times, breathed in deeply and then turned her head away and exhaled into the corner of the room. It appeared as though Mary was in a very deep meditative state. Instantly Margaret calmed down and her struggle to breath lessened. In a matter of perhaps 15 minutes she fell fast asleep. I had never seen anything like this. I was mystified. Mary is a Christian and has absolute faith in the healing powers of God working through her as his instrument. Mary also has a Master’s degree in spiritual psychology, participates in various healing/creative art ministries and studied various healing tradition in California, before returning to care for her mother.

Although I am still baffled by what I saw, from my perspective, it seems to me that Mary is able to deflect diseased energy, then channel a very intense healing energy where it then flows to the person she is in prayer for. There was an overwhelming calm and peace in her mother’s room.
As her mother slept, a chaplain and hospice nurse arrived. The chaplain comes to the house frequently to address Margaret's emotional and spiritual needs. Mary talked to the chaplain for some time discussing her mother’s physical and emotional states. Copious notes were taken as the mother and daughter’s needs were evaluated. In the kitchen, where Mary and the Chaplain are talking, there is a photo of Margaret in her prime on the wall. It’s as if she is looking over the Chaplain’s shoulder, perhaps to observe and grace these emotionally charged and sometimes heart-wrenching discussions.

On a trip to a doctors office Mary recited a poem she was inspired to write about healing, how it flows through her and how God has used others to heal her as well. She agreed to share it, with gratitude and blessings.

A Place to Meet

Meet me…in the stillness of my touch
Allow me to feel your pain, it won’t hurt quite as much.

Meet me…in the safety of my soul
Tell me your stories, the ones you’ve dared, but never told.

Meet me…in the solitude of my heart
Lay down your sorrow, welcome healing’s start.

Meet me…in the center of the earth
Surrender to its wisdom, awaken to your rebirth

Meet me…far beyond the ageless universe
Bask in love’s perfection; nothing’s better, nothing’s worse.

Meet me when you’re willing, meet me when you can
It’s there I’ll give my best to you - my mind, my heart, my hands.

-Mary J. Hill 2005

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Lynne Chapman said...

Moving story and sensational drawing, as usual.

Did you not feel a little uncomfortable being 'apart' while you recorded such highly personal and emotions happenings?

Thor said...

Drawing makes me feel more personally involved with events around me. I visited many times not always drawing.

I held on to the drawings for many months finding that writing about what was happening was far more hard to do. Some emotional distance is needed for that.

larissa said...

Looks like mike caroline from hospice of the comforter?? My collegue. Great story Thor

Sandy said...

Besides your sketches which are always colorful and interesting your descriptions of each post keep me coming back to read more of what attracts you to a certain situation to draw. Great blog. I liked this post on Mary and her mother. I've seen other healers do the same hand movements and flinging the energy away from the body.