Sunday, April 25, 2010


I went to Paxia (2611 Edgewater Drive, College Park) to see the start of a $30 wine tasting crawl. For $30 these folks could order a wine at each of five different bars on the route. As I approached the Mexican themed restaurant and bar, I noticed a crowd of women strutting towards the place in tight low cut dresses. Inside I was told that tonight was also five dollar tequila night. The crowd gathering for the bar crawl congregated down at the far end of the bar. I sat in a cushy red leather chair in the corner of the room and started sketching. A waitress came over and asked me if I wanted anything, I decided to order a tequila so I would blend in. I didn't know what tequila to order so I let her pick one for me. A few minutes later my dainty little glass arrived half full of a clear pink fluid. I tool a small sip and swallowed. I had to exhale at it went down my throat and my eyes watered. I would take another sip periodically allowing the liquid to evaporate on my tongue. I avoided the whole, swallowing step, for as long as possible.
The crowd that had gathered for the crawl soon left for their next stop. Singles would sit at the bar periodically and order appetizers and a drink. Eaves dropping I found out one woman had worked as a waitress in Vail Colorado and she told the couple next to her all about how beautiful Colorado was. The couple had been to Vail and they thought it would be an expensive place to live. The woman assured them that if you know where to shop, Vail is very affordable. I started feeling like I was among jet setters. One woman ordered a drink then started counting a thick wad of bills as she sat at the bar.
Terry called from work and she agreed to come to Paxia for a drink since I was almost finished with my sketch. When she joined me she ordered a Margarita and an appetizer. I put my sketch away and turned to my cup of tequila which I had barely touched. Terry was shocked that I had ordered a tequila and she asked the waitress if she could water it down with Margarita mix. The waitress agreed to do so at no extra charge.
The TV was showing some game show where a woman was trying to blow a soap bubble through a hoop a few yards away. Three people at the bar were watching intently and shouting encouragement. The woman got the bubble through the hoop and won something like $75,000. She later lost everything when she was trying to blow a deck of playing cards off of the neck of a beer bottle without letting the Joker fall. I became mesmerized by all the close up shots of the woman pursing her lips and gently blowing. I am convinced this is card trick is impossible, and I am still annoyed that she didn't keep the bubble money. Now I know what I am missing since I no longer have time to watch TV.
The food was good and the Marguerite Terry ordered was delicious. I swallowed my tequila plus mix in one last gulp. I was really tempted to order a Margarita but I had to drive home. I left satisfied with a sketch under my arm and I am so happy Terry decided to join me on one of my outings. I suspect we will return some day for a full dinner.

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