Saturday, April 17, 2010

Florida Film Festival - Filmmaker Welcome Party

Right after the animated shorts screening, I rushed downtown to go to the film maker's welcome party at Ember. The bar inside wasn't very crowded, but I noticed on of the large glowing Orbs that Full Sail uses to advertise. Ember has a large outdoor area with three different bars. The woman at the entry asked if I was there for the Florida Film Festival party and when I said I was, she gave me a leather trinket which was good for one Peroni beer and a red rubber wrist band which was good for Macker's mark which is a brand of Bourbon. I immediately stepped up to one of the bars and asked for a Peroni. I then wandered around wondering what I should draw. I rather liked the tall arched architecture of this bar in the corner, so I sat at a wrought iron table and got to work.
It would be nice to say that I networked with some high powered Hollywood types but that didn't happen. There was a brightly lit area where a photographer shot pictures of people. Rather than rather than doing any high powered networking, I just sipped my beer and watched the crowd. As I was sketching in the people, I realized that I recognized a local theater producer, so I stopped sketching for a moment and wandered over to shake his hand. One of the owners of the Plaza theater also spoke to me for a while and that contact might result in my covering more musical acts at that venue.
Once my sketch was finished, I packed up my art supplies and headed home. I didn't cash in my free Bourbon, I'm not even sure I would have liked a Bourbon, I never tasted one. I will have to leave that life experience for another day.

All artwork is for sale. Some originals available as well as limited edition prints. Commissions upon request. Please contact artist.


Gabriel Tyner said...

Your work is awesome. I can only imagine the kind of discipline it takes to not talk to people and just do the work. I would have been way too distracted. In fact, I would have taken a photo and then sketched it later. Of course, it would have been vacant of soul and without the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, I missed the Filmmakers welcome at Ember. Instead, you have provided something no picture can capture, the soul. Great work.

Thor said...

Thanks so much Gabriel.