Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

On Friday March 19th, the 51st Annual Winter Park Art Sidewalk Festival started. I decided to go right after work at Full Sail when Kathy Blackmore told me that there was going to be a jazz band featuring songwriter Peter White kicking off the night's festivities on the main stage. I knew I had other commitments over the weekend, so this would likely be my only chance to sketch the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. I would be exhibiting my art at the Outsider Art Fair at Frames Forever (941 Orange Avenue Winter Park). There, I plan to sketch Doug Rhodehamel, who makes his unmistakable mushrooms out of brown paper bags, and Brian Feldman, who will be performing "sleepwalk 2, i walk over you". Both of these are priceless sketch opportunities.
When I arrived at the festival, I wandered and soaked in the energy and excitement of all people gathered for the event. The outdoor cafes were packed. Conversations were buzzing. My pace quickened. As I looked through several artists booths, I ran into Terry and Rick Loewen. Terry and Rick are old friends from ORCA which stands for Orlando Reef Caretakers Association. Terry and Rick informed me that ORCA would be hosting the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America this September, so this is certainly an event I hope to sketch. They told me I could get a hotel room discount at the Marriott Resort, which didn't make sense at first. But then they told me they would have a Margarita making machine in their room and I agreed, a hotel room was a great idea! If you happen to work at the Marriott, I made that last piece of business up.
I was anxious to find my way to the Winter Park Arts Festival jazz, so I told Rick and Terry I would see them by the main stage. The lawn in front of the stage was already crowded. I walked down the sidewalk and found a spot between artist's tents where I could sit. I of course started sketching immediately since the sun was setting. A couple asked if they could sit in the spot next to me and, of course, I agreed. When I was about halfway through the sketch, the man seated next to me who was sipping a red wine, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I love your work, can I see the sketch?" The watercolor was still wet in spots, but I handed it over. He shared it with his wife and they agreed, that they wanted to buy it. I gave him my card so he could check out the blog and told him to leave a comment if he still wanted it. I hope I have found another reader!
The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival continues at Central Park in Winter Park through March 21st at 5 PM.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


beanmhor said...

I am so enjoying your blog - I am in Sonoma County, CA but my parents have lived in Winter Park forever and so I am familiar with many of the areas and events you sketch - have done a bit of sketching and watercoloring there myself. I wanted to suggest two places you might enjoy sketching - the Winter Park Farmers Market held on Sat. mornings and the Orlando Drumming Circle - currently meeting at the Orlando Brewery: Orlando Brewing
1301 Atlanta Ave
Orlando FL 32806
407-872-1117 and I believe the next circle is April 3rd. (I'm still on the list, so get notified.
Thanks for all the lovely news and sketches. I look forward to your further adventures.

Capt D said...

My wife and I love your work. Sitting next to you and watching you create it added immensely to our jass festival experience. Thanks for so freely sharing your wonderful gift. You certainly have found two more readers. Please let us know how we can purchase the sketch.

Thor said...

Hey Capt D,
E-mail me and I will arrange to get you the sketch.

Thor said...

Thanks for the leads. I really want to sketch the drum circle!