Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scotish Highland Games - Caber Toss

Now this is a manly sport! Heavy men in kilts competed to see who could toss this heavy pole end over end. A perfect score is achieved if the end of the pole the handler is throwing ends up furthest away from the thrower at 12:00 on the hands of a clock. For the duration of this sketch, not a single contestant managed to toss this caber end over end. There were a few agonizingly close attempts, but the fact remains that no one ever flipped the caber. I missed the finer points of judging but the winner would have been the man who got his pole to face closest to 12:00. A judge always follows closely behind the thrower and once, a contestant was off balance and the huge log almost clobbered the judge. His reflexes saved him. Another contestant lost control and somehow he found himself straddling the end of the caber as it hit the ground and then it bounced up and hit him between the legs. There were a number of jokes told for the rest of the afternoon in high squeaky voices.
After the days events were over, we were allowed to walk on the field and test out some of the equipment. I could barely lift the end of the caber off the ground. There is no way I would be able to lift the darn thing and throw it.

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