Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls

I arrived at the Universal Skating Center (866 South Goldenrod Road) straight from the Holi Festival. My neck, forehead and ears were covered with bright pink and green powdered pigments. I immediately walked to the back of the rink to the sinks that were outside the bathrooms. There was only one mirror, so I would soak a paper towel in water and then go to the mirror to see how much pigment I could wipe off. I actually think I just rubbed the pigments deeper into my skin and spread them around. Several Derby Girls rolled out of the women's room and did a double take when they saw me. I was hogging two sinks so I moved my art supplies out of the way for one of the Derby Girls.
In the concessions area new recruits were filling out paperwork. This event was a way to introduce the league to these new recruits. All of the members of the league rolled out onto the rink. The two women who had let me know about the league, were Berlin Wall and Felix Bash it. They both saw me sketching and came over to introduce themselves. They accepted my colorful garb since I was an artist. Every woman in the league has a nickname, some of my favorites were Anita Priest, Snatch face-riot, Kung-Fu Kitty and Sister Mary Mayhem.
New recruits were encouraged to join the league veterans out on the rink. Everyone formed a large circle. After the basic introductions, a fast-paced game of tag was initiated. A recruit would get up and start skating around the rink. Then on the opposite side, another girl would get up and start skating behind her. If the recruit was tagged, she lost. Several times girls without skates would get up and run around the rink and of course they were easily tagged.
Laura Kohler (Berlin Wall) invited me to come back any time. I saw dozens of sketch opportunities, and I can't wait for the main event!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com


Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks! Come back and sketch us again!
--Snatchface Riot

Unknown said...

this is so awesome! out of all the press or what-have-you that comes to check us out this is by far my favorite thing i've ever seen. i could only imagine what you could capture during a game!

~Anita Priest!

Anonymous said...

Rad job! I was one of the girls who did a double take as I exited the bathroom and saw you looking like a mosaic (oddly enough, since I am covered in tattoos and day-glo hair). I thought maybe you were there as an artist beforehand for a kid's party or something at the rink, just washing off. I was PSYCHED to hear you were sketching at the event and LOVE the end result! Thank youuuuu, Thor!!

Shana, a.k.a. Boston, Prospective Psycho City Roller Girls Lunachic

Thor said...

Snatchface Riot, Lizzy and Shana, I can not wait to sketch and actual game. Please keep me in the loop, and I will be there.

Megan Snay said...

Your work is lovely! love seeing you out and about! thank you so much for coming to our recruitment!

Unknown said...

Great stuff! I can tell you that it's a real treat and a singular experience working creatively with this group of women. I've been documenting the team with HDTV since inception; I know your experience with them will be fantastic - keep coming back.

John Barber