Monday, January 18, 2010

Stable Party

Terry takes horse riding lessons at Morton Equestrian Center in Ocoee. For the holidays the barn hosted an outdoor barbecue. Guests each bought a side dish or deserts. This was a real home grown Florida party complete with cowboys and plenty of talented horse riders. The whole event took place in the middle of a riding ring. The horse jumps were still in place and people gathered around the roaring fire to keep warm since the night was rather cold for Florida.
Before I ate, I sat in the bleachers which are set up for people to watch the horses. Terry was still getting over a rather bad fall off of a horse and her instructor Emily offered her encouragement. The saying, "get right back on the horse", has a new meaning once you have been thrown 6 feet. Terry's had a huge 3 foot long black and blue mark all the way up the back of her leg.
There were beers in a cooler but I stuck with caffeine as I rushed to finish the sketch. The night was crisp and cold and the laughter and conversations continued for many hours. Once I finished I went and picked up some pulled pork on a bun and plenty of cookies. Terry was talking to a man who had owned horses for years and she was trying to find out how much land cost outside Orlando since she now dreams of a simple life in the country.

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Bess said...

My niece is an avid rider in Tallahassee...I sent this to her to see. :)

Thor said...

Thanks for checking in Bess. Let you niece know there are plenty more horse related sketches to come.