Thursday, January 14, 2010

Radio Rickshaw

I got a tip from Brian Feldman that local podcast Radio Rickshaw was about to broadcast its 100th episode. At the last minute Brian contacted Dan Ginader, one of the show hosts, and found out where the program is broadcast from. With the address in hand thanks to a barrage of text messages, I drove towards the Milk District where the broadcast studio is located. I was surprised to find myself in a suburban neighborhood as I approached the address. House numbers were impossible to see so I parked and walked the last few blocks. Don Fowler and John Valines, the other two hosts of the radio show, were seated on the front porch of the small suburban home smoking. They were surprised to see me and we introduced ourselves. When they finished their smokes we went inside. The broadcast studio takes up a small area of the living room. A banner with Radio Rickshaw printed on it sort of divides up the living space from the working sound studio. Two dog cages were stored in a corner of the room. Space was cramped, so I ended up standing to do my sketch in the entry way to the sound studio.
The broadcast was irreverent and fun. I learned a few things about the cultural scene in Orlando, so I suspect I will be tuning in more often. Don explained that he had just had an argument with his girlfriend and he suspected she might have broken up with him via Facebook. An argument ensued as to whether it was worse to be dumped via Twitter, text message or Facebook. It turned out that I was the first studio audience in the show's 100 episode history. John seemed to feel that I disliked him, since I had drawn his girlfriend at Beth Marshall's Halloween party and I left the spot where he had been seated empty. Dan pointed out that he had gone to Brian Feldman's ChanuIKEA event and even sat down right in front of me thinking he would end up in the sketch. I ended up drawing only an empty chair and the plate and utensils he had used to eat dinner that night.
This sketch, however, proves that I love these guys and I am more than happy to draw them. At the end of the program, I was quickly interviewed about my blog. In my quest to answer all of Dan's questions, I forgot to plug my 2009 Sketchbook Retrospective now on display at Dandelion Communitea Cafe through the end of January. D'oh! Should the Radio Rickshaw boys decide to plug my show on episode 101, they might find themselves looking a little less transparent in my sketch.
Postscript: The Radio Rickshaw boys did, in fact plug my show in the 101st episode of their show. So, as promised, here is the sketch in it's original state. Brian Feldman tried to stir the pot, by saying their plug was insincere and rushed, but it was good enough for me. Here is to 99 more episodes!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Mary Ann de Stefano said...

Oh I love this one! Gave me a hearty laugh this morning.

You could be the official artist for the government's witness protection program!

Dan Ginader said...

Thanks for sketching us Thomas. I'll make sure to plug your event next Monday so we can get our head and hands back...haha.

Great post. It was a great honor to be sketched by you.

Park Illustration said...

this is Cool !
I love the idea do sketch at least once a day. I NEED IT !

Thor said...

Should you wish to see the original image posted here is the link...