Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make a Wish

Lucas Anderson, who is just 14 years old was diagnosed with cancer. The Make a Wish Foundation of Central and Northern Florida granted his wish, and on this day he is picked up his English Bulldog puppy for the first time from Petland at 3920 Semoran Boulevard. I arrived about an hour early and started by asking the store employees a few questions. I decided that I would sit down near the cage, which was also a gift to Lucas, along with plenty of dog care supplies. One of the employees crawled inside the cage and artfully arranged all the supplies before tying helium balloons to the it. A red carpet was unrolled in front of the store and Lucas and his family arrived in a white stretch limo. Lucas also had a bunch of his friends with him and they laughed and caroused in the store. The puppy's name is Tucker and he was very cute, with huge paws and an adorable face. Petland has small cubicles in the middle of the store where the dog and owner can bond. Tucker and Lucas hit it off from the start. Tucker particularly liked it when Lucas would scratch him under the chin. Tucker seemed a bit confused and didn't know how to act with all the attention he was getting.
Giovanni Ferriolo, the owner of Napolitaly Ristorante next door, bought in some free pizzas. I was seated right next to the table where the pizzas were stacked, but people didn't mind reaching over me if need be to get a slice. Afterwards, a cake was bought in decorated with the image of a puppy in icing. As Lucas and his mom posed for pictures, she began to tear up and I suddenly realized what an honor it was to be documenting such a moment.

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