Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Scottish Highland Games - Beer Tent

Wandering around the Scottish Highland Games, I soon discovered the place that had the most activity. This was the center of the hive where the hordes gathered to collect their nectar. Beer was on tap in a large trailer and the three men who were filling pitchers and cups could barely keep up with the demand. Whenever a keg would run dry, a cry would rise up from the crowd.
Doing this sketch was a real challenge. I found a small spot to place my chair and then leaned back against the ropes that support the tent. With any gust of wind, my backrest would lurch just as if a child was sitting behind me in a movie theater and kicking my chair. I was in front of the spot where people could pick up refills and, more often than not, drunk patrons would trip over my feet as they made their way back to get more brew.
The girl in the pink shirt would wave to the people in line trying to get them to come to her table. Either people didn't see her or they thought she was waving to a friend because very few people got the hint that she had beer to offer. The scene was constant and never ending chaos. I discovered a much quieter beer tent on the opposite side of the event and ordered a peach and apricot beer that was sweet and delicious. The Dundin Brewery did a fine job of keeping the crowd satiated, inebriated, and happy.

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John Rife said...

Love it. Great sketch mate. We had a blast. I did a video beer review of Dunedin's offerings at the festival for Chris Scott's Hail the Ale blog. What a great event. Well keep the sketches coming, LOL like you wouldn't. Cheers.

Thor said...

Thanks John, I assume you were sampling the beer as you shot video.

Anonymous said...

were you there when the beer tent collapsed? it was crazy lol