Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trees - Full Dress Rehearsal

Back from the Florida Keys I immediately went to see how the Singing Christmas Trees had progressed. This was the first full dress rehearsal and all the elements were in place. For the first time I saw the tress with a full chorus and all the performers had vibrant costumes. The Orchestra was also on hand for the first time instead of the usual recorded click track. A TV cameraman recorded some close ups of isolated lines from the show which slowed things down a bit but overall the show flowed uninterrupted.
There was one major technical glitch when an actor walked off stage and his mic wasn't turned off. You could hear his heavy breathing and his off stage conversation while the poor actress on stage had no mic and thus couldn't be heard. The scene fell apart. Thank God it happened in rehearsal so corrections could be made.
This was the first time I got to see the trees light up and let me tell you it is breathtaking. Jeff Atkisson did an amazing job setting up this light show. The huge curtains behind the trees also offer an area for some interesting projections.
After the rehearsal was over I sought out Aradhana Tiwari, the director, to say good by. She was talking to the actor who had been talking off stage. This is of course a major mistake. There were other staging issues that she was quickly working out with him. She grabbed one of the costuming ladies and showed him how he should open up his staging to offer more interaction in the scene. She decided that the whole scene would have to be rehearsed again that night till it became second nature. She said to him they had to get it right or she would have to cut the scene in its entirety from the show. I didn't stay for this added rehearsal but I am sure that with such high stakes and with show time looming things would get done, and done right. Everything depended on it. The show must go on!
Show times are:
December 3rd 7:30 PM Opening Night tonight!
December 4th 7:30 PM
December 5th 3:00 PM
December 6th 7:30 PM
December 11th 7:30 PM
December 12th 3:00 PM
December 13th 5:00 PM
Tickets range from $8 to a $42 Dinner package.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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