Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trees - Core Line up

The night before I did this sketch, I saw the movie, Chorus Line, based on the long running Broadway play. In that show the dancers who are auditioning are asked to reveal intimate, sometime painful details of their life as a performer in order to stay in the show. When I entered the First baptist Church and saw the core group lined up, I instantly was reminded of those scenes where the cast waits in a Chorus Line as the mysterious director sits in the hall with a microphone calling the shots. Here the director, Aradhana, has the group lined up in order to decide if the winter costumes all in blue, gray and white, are working. Actors were asked to bring in whatever they had in those colors from home to save money on costuming costs. Sometimes they were asked to trade items with each other such as scarfs or coats. It was decided that some items would have to be purchased such as blue and white striped shirts. The actors are going to have to dance in these outfits and there was some concern about how hot they will get under the stage lights. When the costuming choices were made, the core group rehearsed the Winter Medley which is an energetic dance number. Joshua, who I believe has never lived in a cold climate didn't have a coat or scarf. The director at one point asked if he could trade his shirt with another actor but then thought better of that idea.
I wandered behind the trees and found that work is still being done to wire them for the show. Jeff has just finished with the computer programming of the lights so the 45 foot high trees should be lighting up soon. Microphones are now mounted to the trees every few tiers. The orchestra pit now stands ready for the music to begin.

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