Saturday, November 7, 2009

Newly Dead Game

Beth Marshall and her husband Chris Foster host an annual Halloween party. We asked if we could bring along two guests from Miami. Beth who is the Producing Artistic Director of the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival warned us that that things might get crazy. There might be nudity and who knows what else. Things did indeed get a bit crazy. Beth and Chris asked any couples to gather in the living room for a game they called The Newly Dead Game. It is exactly like the Newly Wed game seen on TV. One member of each couple had to leave the room while questions were asked which would show how well the couples knew each other. I figured I could play the game and sketch at the same time. I might have been mistaken. When a couple got a question right they were given a piece of candy. At the end of the game the couple with the most candy would be the winner. Our friends from Miami got every answer right with 34 pieces of candy, as did a lesbian couple on the couch. When the dust settled Terry and I only got 3 pieces of candy. People who had just met that night got more answers right. Terry was furious! She shouted, "We have been married longer than anyone here, 18 years, how is it that people who have just been dating for a few months know more about each other than we do?!" I tried to laugh it off and more importantly finish my sketch. Now I knew why it was called the newly dead game, I wasn't sure I would survive the evening. On a positive note we have plenty of room for growth in our relationship.
Later a costume contest was held in the backyard. My wife competed. She got plenty of hoots and applause for her Zorro costume with a black bra but in the end a woman dressed as a cougar won. After the competition, we were all treated to a belly dancing display in the back yard. I watched for a while but then decided I needed a drink and I went inside. Every corner of Beth's home is goth themed. The toilet had a dark Gothic dragon on the lid and photos around the house showed old Daguerreotypes which then converted into zombies. Walls were blood red or cougar patterned. With Halloween now past, the house must be waiting for next years festivities.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Beth Marshall said...

Can't believe I am JUST now seeing this. WOW!
I am totally gonna want a commission of this as well. LOVE IT!
Great job.
I really love the detail of my house.

Thor said...

Thanks Beth,
Sketch is in the works soon.