Thursday, November 26, 2009

Michelle Shocked at the Plaza

Michelle Shocked had a concert at the Plaza Theater on Bumby. My wife bought front row seats for the show knowing I would want to sketch. The event did not sell out and after Michelle started singing, Terry moved back a couple of rows because she couldn't stand being right on top of the action. The concert was great. The poster behind Michelle was painted by her artist husband on her wedding day. They are now collaborating on a series of paintings and songs about famous women. He is doing the paintings and she is writing songs for them. She explained that most of these women are so famous that you do not have to hear their last name to know who they are. For instance Georgia ________, Audrey ________, and Vanessa ________. He is working on a painting of Ann Frank right now. I love this collaborative idea and can't wait to hear the music.
When Michelle was called back for an encore, she took out her iPhone and called her husband who she missed and had the audience shout out "Hi Dave!" She then insisted that he tell a story about his youth when he delivered newspapers. He said he was a very reliable newspaper delivery boy. He won an award as the best local newspaper boy in town. But one day a young girl propositioned him before he finished his route. She said if you come over right now you will get "it". He was quite torn but in the end he left the pile of papers on the street corner and went over the girls house. He never did get "it" and when he returned to the street corner, his manager was there and he was fired. Michelle said she instantly fell in love when Dave simply sat behind her at a party and wrapped his arms around her waste.
Michelle said she is tired of divisive politics and I was surprised to find out she doesn't have medical insurance. She stressed that music is an important way to bring people together and build a feeling of community.

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Anonymous said...

cool. Happy Thanksgiving Thor. Thanks for all you share.

Betker said...

wonderful story, terrific subject! And as always, spectacular image! Always so glad you do what you do!

Speck said...

Front row concert tickets just so you could sketch...what a SWEETIE! Big hugs for her.

Thor said...

Thanks all. Thanksgiving hugs all around.

Jeff said...

Nice work. " But "wrapped his arms around her waste" is kind of gross. ;-)

You should check out the photos I posted on Michelle's FB page from a show here in Mpls. last Sept.
Might be easier to sketch a stationary object.

Thor said...

It is always easier to sketch a stationary object but where is the fun in that?