Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday - Miami

I did not head to the malls at 6AM like everyone else in the house. I was only convinced that I was missing a sketch opportunity late in the day by Margaret Nolan via facebook. I had already drawn The Miami Herald presses so I should have been satisfied. But when Terry and Elaine said they were going back for a second round of shopping, I decided to go. I thought I would be battling huge crowds but the mall was relatively quiet. The sound system piped in constant Christmas music like,"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". I swear that song is haunting me.
When I started to sketch the sun had already started to set. Christmas lights started to light up on palm trees and on topiaries. Some shoppers looked exhausted while teens patrolled chatting on iPhones. Santa had set up shop in an outdoor booth behind me, but I wasn't in a mood to face him just yet. Besides he looked nothing like the Macy's Parade Santa so he must have been an impostor. A mall security guard came over and looked over my shoulder. My stomach muscles tensed. He said "Wow did you do that just now?" Part of me wanted to be a smart-ass, but I just replied "Yes, thanks."

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Nita said...

Ahh, the security guard must have had contact with other sketchers who come, take a photo, go home and draw it, then return to add a few finishing touches in a public place.

I love your drawings! The energy and color in them are a constant inspiration to my drawing practice. Thanks for being a great demonstrator-artist!

Thor said...

Nita, That is exactly what ran through my mind!