Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dawn Schreiner - Oodles of Doodles

Dawn is an illustrator and mother of 2 children. When her youngest went to school Dawn decided she wanted to get back into doing more illustration work. She had been away from illustration for years and wanted to get back in.
Her father was an early adopter of high tech gadgets and he got her interested in Twitter. This introduced her to the new world of Social Networking. Twitter however didn't satisfy all her needs. Mark Zuckerburg turned her on to Facebook and helped her set up a the Dawn Schreiner Illustration Group page. This is where the art for this show began to be created. A member of the group named Debbie suggested Dawn sketch all the members of the group.
Dawn started doing doodles of the members with the goal of doing one doodle a day. When Dawn started creating these sketches, she had maybe 20 members on the page. As the project progressed, that number grew to 50 then 100 and now it is at about 200 plus members. As the number of Doodles grew so did the number of members so that Dawn may never complete the task.
All of the doodles are done on recycled materials. One piece was on a brownie box and another on a Cheerios box. I found myself wandering through the show checking the backs of each piece to see what art supplies I might be throwing away each day. The show is an absolute delight with bright acrylic colors thickly applied and expert draftsmanship in every piece. Many doodles are fun and quirky with flowing and spontaneous use of line. The show was simply hung on wires with each doodle secured with a clip. Work was flying off the walls at the opening, it is very affordable. I myself am considering going back to get a doodle with my name on it. Having just attended a Social Networking conference I am inspired with how Dawn used Facebook to market her work to an exciting new network of friends. The show had a web cam set up for the duration of the opening so it could be shared with out of state members.
I called my wife and told her she had to come down to see this show and I will tell you the same. Head on over to Seven Sisters Coffee House at 911 North Mills Avenue a few blocks north of Colonial. The coffee is delicious and the relaxed setting is a great place to sit back and read or surf the web. Tell Alisha that I sent you!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com


Rick said...

Hopefully there will be some Doodles left- I myself bought 3!

Meg Kat said...

Ah, I'm so glad you finally got to do a sketch there! And the one day I planned to go and then didn't!

Love the sketch, Tom. I'll have to see what doodles are left today when I head over for my morning cup of coffee :)

P.S. Saw your facebook post on the Holy Land today. Maybe we'll bump into you, we've always wanted to check it out and you can't beat getting in for free!

Dawn Schreiner said...

Thomas, what a delightful tribute. I can't thank you enough. You captured the spirit of the place and I was flattered by your presence.
Thank you and thank your wife, too, she is charming.

Mary Ann said...

Nice meeting you and your lovely wife. Dave (Dawn's Dad)

dolls like us said...

i love what you do .

Thor said...

Rick, The chocolate shop should have paid you for all the web cam advertising you did!

Meg, did you make it to the Holy Land?

Dawn, The show is inspiring! I am so happy to have met you. You are proof that art can thrive in Orlando. I think your dad was after Terry's iPhone! Just kidding.

Meg Kat said...

No, I got caught up in a photoshoot all day. Glad we didn't attempt the journey though. Sounds like a mad house!

Thor said...

Yes it was pure chaos, Orlando style.