Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The next leg of the trip involved finding a horse stable where Terry could get in a trail ride. By iPhone she found a lodge just outside of Winthrop Washington. We stopped at Winthrop an walked about for a bit to take in all the renovated Western architecture. Bikers were around in abundance as well. I decided to sit outside of a saloon to get this view of the main street with the Harley's in the foreground. I miss timed adding color to the bikes and before I knew it the bikers had roared of. I threw down splashes of color wherever I felt the sketch needed them partly from memory and partly from direct observation. Terry had scoped out a cinnamon bun and ice cream store that I hope we will go back to tonight.
I also sketched the horses just prior to the trail ride. I ran into similar issues where I would start sketching a horse and then immediately a child would hop on and the horse would wander off. Life just keeps forging ahead with little regard to the limited patience of an artist. "Stand still laddy!"

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